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Metering, Installation & Removal

Metering Electrical Services

Your local Stuart Johnston Electrical Electricians are fully licensed to conduct energy metering installation, connection, and disconnection.

Level 2 certified, we are qualified in setting up, replacing, and maintaining underground mains, overhead services, and private power poles. Residential and Commercial.

Meter Installation Electrical Services

  • Energy Meter Installations
  • Energy Meter Upgrades
  • Off Peak Solar Panels Metering Installation
  • Time Of Use Electronics Meter Installation
  • Metering Upgrade – Single To 3rd Phase Metering System

Disconnection & Reconnection Electrical Services

  • Overhead & Underground Mains Disconnection & Reconnection
  • Overhead & Underground Repair, Maintenance & Replacement
  • Consumer Mains Disconnection & Reconnection
  • Consumer Mains Repair, Maintenance & Replacement
  • Service Fuses Replacement & Transfer

Underground Services &  Overhead Electrical Services:

  • Underground & overhead service cables connection, repair, and installation
  • Damaged cables repair and replacement
  • Conducting Repair notice

Power Pole Supply Services:

  • Provisional Pole & Power Supply For Construction Sites
  • Temporary Pole & Switchboards Installation & Removal Service
  • Provisional Metering System (installation, connection, replacement, repair, and dismantling).

For these services, or any other Level 2 Electrical Services you need or any Electrical Services for Wollongong & The Greater Illawarra, Contact Us Today!

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