Fire Preparation

With all of the devastation that these recent NSW and QLD fires have caused, and are still causing, many of us are thinking of how we can help those who are affected and also of how we can make our homes safer.

Getting out early enough is vital, and we can help you with your smoke alarm installation; but we would also like to share a few more preparation tips, recommended by the NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE, that can help you to stay safe and protect your home:

  • Clean your gutters of leaves and twigs
  • Install metal gutter guards
  • Repair damaged or missing tiles on the roof
  • Install fine metal mesh screens on windows and doors
  • Fit seals around doors and windows to eliminate gaps
  • Enclose the areas under the house
  • Repair or cover gaps in external walls
  • Attach a fire sprinkler system to gutters
  • Keep lawns short and gardens well maintained
  • Cut back trees and shrubs overhanging buildings
  • Clean up fallen leaves, twigs and debris around the property
  • Have hoses long enough to reach around your house
  • If you have a pool, tank or dam, put a Static Water Supply (SWS) sign on your property entrance, so firefighters know where they can get water
  • Check and maintain adequate levels of home and contents insurance. Ensure it is up to date.

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