What Can Level 2 Electricians Do?

If you ever needed an overhead service, an underground connection or any live work done, then you will need an electrician who is level 2 qualified.

A Level 2 Electrician Is Qualified & Authorised To Carry Out Any Overhead or Underground Installations, Repairs, Live Works Or Maintenance Electrical Works For Your Home & Business.

Level 2 electricians are qualified to work with dangerous live electrical cables, such as overhead cables and underground electrical wires. 

A level 2 electrician holds more qualifications than a regular electrician, they need these extra qualifications to carry out electrical services such as connecting and disconnecting power from the electricity network.

These extra qualifications are needed for specific Level 2 electrical services as these services come with a much greater risk of danger. 

Level 2 Electrical Services Include:

  • Endeavour Energy Authorised
  • Overhead Service Connections
  • Underground Connections
  • Metering, Installation & Removal
  • Solar Generation Grid Metering
  • Customer Defect Repairs
  • Connections Up To 400amps

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